Epicurean kids



Might you be one of the growing number of parents who wonder if there is any "real" food in what you and your family are eating?


  • Do any of your children refuse to eat vegetables or Fruit?
  • Are you thinking the time is right to know more about whole food?


As a mother who has experienced "picky eaters". I'm sharing my research, knowledge, experience, training and background regarding the connection between healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.


Epicurean Kids is designed to both increase your awareness and guide you through a simple and effective plan to enhance your family's health by creatively preparing (without blending, hiding or disguising) vegetables as an integral component of your family's meals.  It's your starting point to inspire your new way of thinking about food and a healthier family.


This website helps to enlighten your understanding as to how the following interrelated components impact healthy eating:

  • Sugar
  • Genetically Modified Foods (GMO)
  • Farm to Table
  • Taste Buds

Hot topics

  • Sugar Addictions
  • Pesticides-Whats in your food?
  • Label GMO's
  • Super Tasters
  • Why Taste Buds Matter
  • Recipes to Match your Taste Buds?
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